Payment Details

  • We have a huge clientele and to provide the clients the liberty to pay us with ease, we offer them a certain number of payment options to adopt from.
  • We accept almost all type of international credit cards, such as Visa, American Express, Master card and many more.
  • Our clients can pay us through bank transfer as well. Those who are willing to pay in USD can directly transfer the payment amount to our bank account.
  • We are very particular about billing and payment formats. To satisfy our clients regarding the billings, our accounting team never misses to send them clean and clear invoices including all the reports related to the project. We send the invoices to our clients through e-mails.
  • Our company takes care of the billing in a distinct manner and sends the invoices to the clients directly. We request our clients to send us the full amount of payment before we send the complete analysis reports to them.
  • Last but not the least, we clear the point that the rate of currency exchange generally tends to fluctuate, and it can change in every now and then.

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Report Consultant is a promising market research company with fresh and innovative approach in providing the most reliable and most comprehensive collection of market intelligence products and services online.

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