Global 3D Bioprinting Market Focus on Technology, Application and Materials: Market Outlook 2022

Report ID : RC-10806 Category : Healthcare Published Date : 7-Jul-17
Publisher : Rockville Pages : 87 Format : PDF
3D Bioprinting technology has transformative power which has been radically shaping growth of medical industry globally. Widening demand-supply gap in organ transplants, application in drug toxicity testing and rising demand for orthopedic implants has been key contributors to growth of global 3D Bioprinting market.  The report ?Global 3D Bioprinting Market ? Focus on Technology, Application and Materials: Market Outlook 2022? provides an in-depth analysis of GLOBAL 3d Bioprinting  market overall as well as major technological sub-segments such as Syringe Extrusion 3D Bioprinting, Inkjet 3D Bioprinting, Laser-Assisted 3D Bioprinting, Magnetic Levitation-based 3D Bioprinting and Valve-based  3D Bioprinting. Market outlook for overall 3D Bioprinting market as well as aforementioned sub-segments has been provided for the period 2017-22. 
The report provides comprehensive coverage on major industry drivers, restraints, and their impact on market growth during the forecast period. Furthermore, the study encompasses various market specific growth opportunities in global 3D Bioprinting market. The report has been segmented as following:-
Market Segmentation 
? Technology
? Biocompatible Materials
? Applications

Key Vendors 
? Organovo Holdings, Inc.
? EnvisionTEC GmbH
? BioBots, Inc. 
? Cyfuse Biomedical K.K.
1. Executive Summary
2. Research Methodology
3. 3D Bioprinting
3.1 Introduction
3.1.1 3D Bioprinting ? History
3.2 Bioprinting - Components
3.2.1 3D Printing Software
3.2.2 3D Bioprinters
3.2.3 Biocompatible Materials
3.3 3D Bioprinting Process
3.4 Advantages
4. Global 3D Bioprinting Market Analysis
4.1 Market Sizing
4.1.1 Market Size by Value
4.2 Market Share
4.2.1 Market Share by Technology
4.2.2 Market Share by Application
4.2.3 Market Share by Tissue Type
4.2.4 Market Share by Region
4.3 Regional Analysis
4.3.1 Americas
4.3.2 EMEA
4.3.3 APAC
5. Global Bioprinting Market Segmentation
5.1 Technology
5.1.1 Syringe Extrusion 3D Bioprinting Market Analysis
5.1.2 Inkjet 3D Bioprinting
5.1.3 Laser-Assisted 3D Bioprinting
5.1.4 Magnetic Levitation-based 3D Bioprinting
5.1.5 Valve-based 3D Bioprinting
5.2 Biocompatible Materials
5.3 Application
5.3.1 Prosthetics & Implants
5.3.2 Regenerative Medicine
5.3.3 Tissue and Organ Regeneration Applications
5.3.4 Biosensors
6. Market Dynamics
6.1 Industry Trends & Development
6.1.1 Low Cost 3D Bioprinters
6.1.2 Decline in Cost of Biomaterial
6.1.3 Scaffold-free Bioprinting
6.1.4 Growing Tissue Grafts on Humanoid Robots
6.1.5 Advancing Bioprinted Human Liver as First Therapeutic Tissue
6.2 Growth Drivers
6.2.1 Organ Transplants: Demand-Supply Gap
6.2.2 Drug Toxicity Testing
6.2.3 Orthopedic Implants
6.3 Challenges
6.3.1 Regulatory Hurdles
6.3.2 Lack of Skilled Professionals
6.3.3 High Costs
6.3.4 Limited Choice of Biomaterials
7. Competitive Landscape
7.1 Bioprinting Company Analysis
7.2 Market Share by Competitors
7.3 Financial Analysis
8. Company Profiles
8.1 Organovo Holdings, Inc.
8.3 EnvisionTEC GmbH
8.4 BioBots, Inc.
8.5 Cyfuse Biomedical K.K.

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