Global Collaborative Robotics Market Outlook 2025

Report ID : RC-10786 Category : Information And Communication Technology Published Date : 1-Sep-16
Publisher : Rockville Pages : 66 Format : PDF
Global Collaborative Robotics Market Outlook 2025 provides an in-depth study of the current state of new generation collaborative robotics market. These robots have successfully stretched the boundaries of robotic automation and changed our preconceived notion of robots by working side-by-side of humans. 

The report provides a basic overview of the collaborative robots with type of existent collaborative applications. It also provides specific details on leading collaborative robots available in the market. 

The report provides with prudent market analysis of the collaborative robotics market both in terms of value and volume. Furthermore, detailed analysis of leading robotics markets such as the United States, China, Japan, South Korea and Germany are provided in the report. 

Trends and development prevailing in the industry and major market dynamics those driving and inhibiting industry?s growth has also been elaborated in the report. In addition to this, descriptive analysis of targeted application of various collaborative robots with their specifications also features in the report. 

Leading robot industry players have been profiled in the report on parameters such as business overview, product pipeline, financials, pricing, revenues and business strategies. 
With 38 tables and figures specific to the industry, the report contains key statistics on the state of the industry and presents most unbiased picture of the industry which can help clients in making investment decisions. 
1. Executive Summary
2. Research Methodology
3. Research Methodology
4. Introduction
4.1.1 Types of Collaborative Applications
5. Global Collaborative Robot Market Analysis
5.1 Market Sizing
5.1.1 Market Size by Volume
5.1.2 Market Size by Value
5.2 Market Share
5.2.1 By Application
5.2.2 By Region
6. Global Collaborative Robot Market-Country Analysis
6.1 United States
6.2 China
6.3 Japan
6.4 South Korea
6.2 Germany
7. Global Collaborative Robotics Market Dynamics
7.1 Growth Drivers
7.1.1 Surge in demand from Automotive Industry
7.1.2 Reduction of Labour Cost
7.1.3 Demand from Developing and Emerging economies
7.2 Challenges
7.2.1 High costs involved
7.2.2 Risk of injury in collaborative operation
7.2.3 Lower level of manual dexterity
7.3 Market Trends & Industry Developments
7.3.1 Reduction of average selling price of Co-Bots
7.3.2 VC Funding in the Industry
7.3.3 Artificial Intelligence in Visual Perception
8. Competitive Landscape
8.1 Leading Collaborative Robots
8.1.1 ABB YUMI
8.1.3 Green Fanuc CR-35iA
8.1.5 Rethink Robotics ? Sawyer
8.1.6 Rethink Robotics ? Baxter
8.1.7 Universal Robots ? UR5 & UR10
9. Company Profile
9.1 Universal Robots A/S
9.1.1 Business Overview
9.1.2 Financial Overview
9.1.3 Business Strategies
9.2 Rethink Robotics
9.2.1 Business Overview
9.2.2 Financial Overview
9.2.3 Business Strategies
9.3 ABB Group
9.3.1 Business Overview
9.3.2 Financial Overview
9.3.3 Business Strategies
9.4 FANUC Corporation
9.4.1 Business Overview
9.4.2 Financial Overview
9.4.3 Business Strategies

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