Global Hybrid Vehicles Market (By Nations-The US, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, China and South Korea) - Outlook 2024

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Publisher : Rockville Pages : 82 Format : PDF
Technological advancement in hybrid vehicles market have revamped low voltage batteries with improved lithium-ion batteries which are capable of holding the charge for a longer time. Furthermore, advent of hybrid vehicles which uses regenerative braking as power source has also enhanced performance of these vehicles significantly. The report ?Global Hybrid Vehicles Market (By Nations-The US, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, China and South Korea) - Outlook 2024? provides an in-depth analysis of the current scenario, detailed market outlook of global hybrid vehicles market. Geographical segmentation is done across major markets such as North America (the US), Europe (The UK, France & Germany) and Asia Pacific (Japan, China & South Korea). Market outlook for overall market as well as aforementioned regions has been provided for the period 2018-24. 
The report provides comprehensive coverage on major industry drivers, restraints, and their impact on market growth during the forecast period. Furthermore, the study encompasses various market specific growth opportunities in global hybrid vehicles market. The report has been segmented as following:-
Geographical Coverage 
? North America - The US
? Europe ? Germany, France & The UK 
? Asia Pacific ? Japan, China & South Korea 
Companies Coverage 
? Toyota Motor Corporation
? Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
? Ford Motor Company
? Nissan Motor Corporation Ltd
? Hyundai Motor Company
1. Executive Summary
2. Research Methodology
3. Hybrid Vehicles
3.1 Overview
3.1.1 Advantages of Hybrid Vehicles
3.1.2 Working of Hybrid Vehicles
3.2 Classification
3.2.1 Type of Powertrain
3.2.2 Degree of Hybridization
4. Market Analysis
4.1 Market Sizing
4.1.1 Market Size by Value (Actual & Forecasted)
4.1.2 Market Size by Volume (Actual & Forecasted)
4.2 Market Share Analysis
4.2.1 Market Share by Type
4.2.2 Market Share by Hybridization
4.2.3 Market Share by Fuel Type
4.2.4 Market Share by Vehicle Type
4.2.5 Market Share by Region
5. Regional Analysis
5.1 Asia Pacific
5.1.1 Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
5.1.2 China
5.1.3 Japan
5.1.4 South Korea
5.2 North America
5.2.1 Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
5.2.2 The US
5.3 Europe
5.3.1 Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
5.3.2 The UK
5.3.4 Germany
5.3.5 France
6. Market Dynamics
6.1 Industry Trends & Development
6.1.1 Regenerative Braking in Hybrid Vehicles
6.1.2 Advent of Improved Battery and Charging Technology
6.1.3 Preference for Mild Hybrid Electric Cars
6.2 Growth Drivers
6.2.1 Low Running Cost
6.2.2 Rising Environmental Consciousness
6.2.3 Stringent Emission Standards
6.3 Challenges
6.3.1 Strict Regulatory Norms for Automotive Industry
6.3.2 Abolition of Grants
6.3.3 High Prices of Hybrid Vehicles
6.3.4 Volatility of Industry
7. Competitive Landscape
7.1 Global
7.2 Regional
8. Company Profiles
8.1 Toyota Motor Corporation
8.2 Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
8.3 Ford Motor Company
8.4 Nissan Motor Corporation Ltd
8.5 Hyundai Motor Company

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