Global Medical Holography Market Outlook 2025

Report ID : RC-10863 Category : Healthcare Published Date : 15-Feb-19
Publisher : Rockville Pages : 56 Format : PDF
Medical holograms have become mainstream technology and has been successfully used by surgeons across the world to improve planning for complex surgeons. One of the recent advancement in the industry includes development of ?Hololens?, virtual reality technology by Microsoft which is currently used for research purpose. 
The report ?Global Medical Holography Market (By Products ? Holographic Displays, Microscope & Others; By Application - Biomedical Research, Medical Education & Medical Imaging; By Region ? North America, Asia Pacific & Europe) Market Outlook 2025? provides an in-depth analysis of global medical holography market across major products such as Holographic Displays, Microscope & Others and Applications such as Biomedical Research, Medical Education & Medical Imaging. Market outlook for medical holography market overall as well as across various sub-segments has been provided for the period 2019-25. Regional analysis is done across major markets in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. 
The report provides comprehensive coverage on major industry drivers, restraints, and their impact on market growth during the forecast period. Furthermore, the study encompasses various market specific growth opportunities in global medical holography market. The report has been segmented as following:-
Market Segmentation - Products
? Holographic Displays 
? Microscope
? Others
Market Segments - Application
? Biomedical Research
? Medical Education 
? Medical Imaging
Geographical Coverage
? North America ? The US
? Europe 
? Asia Pacific
Key Vendors 
? HoloTech Switzerland AG
? RealView Imaging Ltd.
? EchoPixel, Inc.
? Nanolive SA
? Phase Holographic Imaging AB
? zSpace, Inc.
? Lyncee Tec 
1. Executive Summary
2. Research Methodology
3. Medical Holography
3.1 Overview
3.2 Holographic Techniques
3.3 Medical Applications
4. Market Analysis
4.1 Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
4.2 Market Share Analysis
4.2.1 Market Share by Products
4.2.3 Market Share by Application
4.2.4 Market Share by Region
5. Market Segmentation
5.1 Products
5.1.1 Holographic Displays Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted) Market Share by Segment
5.1.2 Microscope   Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
5.1.3 Others   Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
5.2 Application
5.2.1 Biomedical Research   Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
5.2.2 Medical Education   Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
5.2.3 Medical Imaging   Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
6. Regional Analysis
6.1 North America
6.1.1 Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
6.1.2 The US Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted) Market Share by Product
6.2 Europe
6.2.1 Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
6.3 Asia Pacific
6.3.1 Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
7. Market Dynamics
7.1 Industry Trends & Development
7.1.1 Recent advances
7.1.2 Mergers & Acquisitions.
7.2 Growth Drivers
7.2.1 Prevalence of Chronic Diseases
7.2.2 Rise in Geriatric Population
7.2.3       Growing Clinical Applications
7.2.4 Growing Demand from Academic Medical Centers
7.2.5 Increasing Demand for Minimally Invasive Procedures
7.3 Challenges
7.3.1 High Processing Costs
7.3.2 Lack of Awareness
8. Competitive Landscape
9. Company Profiles
9.1 HoloTech Switzerland AG
9.2 RealView Imaging Ltd.
9.3 EchoPixel, Inc.
9.4 Nanolive SA
9.5 Phase Holographic Imaging AB
9.6 zSpace, Inc.
9.7 Lyncee Tec

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